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Most commonly, your average household blockage is caused by a build up of oils and fats. When left the build up will gradually grow in size and then in time turn into a blockage meaning water can’t flow through your drain. It might be tempting to try and sort a blockage out yourself with house hold products. This isn’t advisable, partly because these jobs are lengthy and smelly, but also because the chemicals in the household blockage removers are highly corrosive and are dangerous to the environment.

The other way to deal with a drain is physically but this is difficult for the average home owner without ripping up existing pipes to get to a blockage, and that’s if you find the location of blockage yourself. That’s where we come in and using 20 years of experience and the latest in CCTV and High Pressure Water Jetting equipment we’re sure to blast our way through any blockage no matter how stubborn it prove.

We’re open 24/7 365 days a year because blockages don’t take days off so neither do we. Our lines are open 24/7 so if the website leaves any questions unanswered or you’d just like to book a job in, then don’t hesitate and we’ll have your back.