Identify the problem

Facing tree root problemsWe offer quick day to day blockage services. Long lasting repair work is done by us too. And rapid emergency drain clearance are done a passion rather then of boredom.

There is mentioned just a few of the many things that you can get from us. We help you to clear your blockages rather than ignore therm. Make a simple phone call. And have a brief conversation with Blocked Drain Bath staff.

Our line is always open. 24 hours a day, every day of the year. That means you are never left without the reliable emergency assistance you need. Plumbing is our passion too. But your pipes are our priority.

We feel genuine hate towards blockages. The silver lining for the cloud is that we always in in the fights. To fight blockage is relatively easy. Especially if you are a professional drain engineer. And you have the needed equipment. We use the latest trend tools and technologies in our fight with blockage.

Trusted and relied upon

It is an exiting process too. One moment you see how water is not going away. And the drain is backing up. Then you do an inspection and find the problem. What happens next is our favourite way of spending time. It is the most exiting part in the end. When the job is done. The blockage is removed. And the flow is restored too.

When searching for a service to fill all your needs, make sure that your choice is a trusted and relied upon one, and rest well knowing that should you come home to a flooding situation or need your clogged drain cleared immediately, help lies just around the corner.

Importance of health and safetyHere for you at all times, we provide long lasting repairs and modifications by using only high quality products and parts for every job.

Refurbishments, renewals, repairs

We understand the need for quality and survey the industry market for good deals on a daily basis to ensure that you get it at a good price. Speak to us today with regards to your home or business pipe and drain needs.

From heating solutions, installation of new features such as underfloor heating and radiators or boilers, to bathroom and kitchen solutions with refurbishments, renewals, repairs and full new installations.