Can rats live in the sewers?

Drains make a perfect home for rats and other rodents, but they also use them as a network to get around. There’ some myth to the idea that there may be mole people living in the sewers. There is plenty of water and nutrients that they can get from the waste, and rats have plenty of skills to make them well suited to living in the sewers. When a rodent enters your drainage systems they can cause a great deal of damage, so it is always a good idea to know what to look out for in case you need to contact a drain technician.

If you regularly flush food down the sinks, not only does this cause blockages, it encourages rodents to build nests as they will be getting a regular source of nutrition. Food substances that are greasy or fatty, and even foods like coffee granules must be thrown away into the bin to avoid attracting any unwanted visitors. Flushing these foods down the drains will cause a buildup of waste, as they stick to the walls of the drains much easier than other substances, and over time this becomes a much bigger build up and becomes the perfect feeding ground for rodents. Make sure to properly dispose of these substances by throwing them in the bin to avoid attracting rats.

If your drainage systems are particularly old, then it is likely that they are a bit worn out. This means that you’re much more likely to find defects such as decay and cracks, both of which are the perfect entrance for rats.

Do rats live in the sewersRats are able to gnaw their way through most materials, especially worn down pipes, which means they will easily damage your drainage systems by burrowing their way into the drain. If there are existing problems with your drains, it is important to have these checked and sorted out to avoid giving rats the perfect opportunity to gain access to your property. CCTV drain surveys are the perfect way to thoroughly investigate the conditions of your drainage systems and identify any underlying issues that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

It is very important to prevent rats from entering your property, as they carry all sorts of diseases and bacteria from the wastewater in the sewage. Considering how easy it is for them to gain access to your drains, you run the risk of letting the rats bring the bacteria and disease with them into your home. This poses a serious health hazard to you and everyone at the property, which is why it is important to contact a drain technician as soon as you notice that there is a rodent in your drains. You may notice rat droppings or the sound of scratching around the house, as well as smudge marks from the grease and dirt that they carry on their bodies. If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait to call a drain technician.

CCTV drain surveys are a great way to locate any rodents that may be in your drainage systems. Using the latest technology and software, drain engineers will be able to identify the area of the drains that allowed them access, and once the survey is completed any problems that are found can be taken care of straight away.

The drain technician will also be happy to provide you with a fully comprehensive and useful report of the findings, as well as advice on how best to proceed.

Don’t delay in doing all that you can to ensure that rodents do not find their way into your property. Make sure to take the extra precautionary steps required to ensure that you are not faced with a rat infestation, such as properly disposing of all your waste, as well as regularly maintaining the quality of your drains so that they are more difficult for a rat to find its way into.

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