What are mole people and do they really live in the sewers?

Your drains can become blocked or damaged by many things: tree root invasion, incorrect disposal of waste, pre-existing faults, and even creatures that have made their home in your drains! ‘Mole people’ are an old myth about a community of people that have made the public sewers their home, and for many people the thought of this community can be troubling when you consider the damage it could cause to the sewerage systems. However, this widely believed myth is false.

what are drain peopleFollowing the two World Wars, Britain’s public sewer systems were designed specifically to deter people from settling in underground, as this had been a common sight during the time of air raids and bomb shelters. The conditions of the sewers are not high enough for humans to be able to survive down there, and there is not such a threat on the country to cause people to want to move underground. Sewerage systems do not make a sustainable home for humans.

These conditions, however, do not deter other creatures from living in the sewers. Sewerage systems are the perfect home for rats and other rodents, and this can be a real problem as they can easily make their way from the public sewers into your home through your property’s drains. Rats are very talented swimmers and can easily survive in water for up to three days, which gives them more than enough time to try and find their way into your home. With such flexible bodies, it is not impossible for a rat to enter through even the smallest of holes.

Rats can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. They carry all sorts of bacteria and disease from living in wastewater, and they don’t have any issue with bringing this disease into your home. It is important to know the exact condition of your drains and regularly maintain them to ensure that rodents are not able to contaminate your home this way. As soon as you notice any of the warning signs for a rat, including rat droppings and the sound of scratching, you must act quickly.

CCTV drain surveys are the perfect way of locating any rats or other rodents that have found their way into your drains. Using the latest technology and equipment, a drain technician can identify and locate any underlying problems that your drains might have. Should anything be found during the survey, it will be taken care of there and then.

You will also be provided with a fully comprehensive report of the findings, as well as some friendly help and advice. Should you have any questions or concerns, the drain technician will be more than happy to address them.

Rodents in your drains are a leading cause of blockages, which is why it is all the more important to get rid of them. No blockage goes away on its own and if it is left ignored for too long then this causes an immense amount of pressure on the pipe, which can ultimately lead to a burst pipe or a collapsed drain. Both of these results can have detrimental effects as they result in flooding, which not only causes a great deal of damage to your property but it poses a serious health risk due to all the bacteria in the wastewater. This bacteria can easily contaminate the surfaces in your home if it is allowed to come into contact with them, so illness can be spread very quickly in your house if it becomes flooded. Don’t delay in calling a professional drain engineer to find out if you have any rodents living in your home that could be causing trouble for you. You can save yourself a great deal of time and money by getting a CCTV drain survey completed, nipping any potential risks for problems in the bud before they can start to cause chaos.

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